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t-shirts questions

Have you ever thought about the top 10 questions about t-shirts people ask? We have gathered all the questions and answered them in this blog. These questions are related to weight, style, color, outfit ideas, and types of tees.

How much do t-shirts weigh?

An average t-shirt weighs between 3 ounces (85 grams) to 7 ounces (198.5 grams). The weight of t-shirts depends on the fabric blend, material weight, thickness, amount of fabric used, and even the age & gender for which it is crafted.

Tees less than 5 ounces are considered lightweight, while heavyweight t-shirts weigh more than 6 ounces and above.

How should a t-shirt fit?

Collar: It should be with round or v-shaped necklines. The collar should feel comfortable around the neck. T-shirts with a deep V-neck must be avoided.

Shoulders: A t-shirt should perfectly sit around the shoulder. Slight variations are justified, but in the best case, the hem should properly lie on the shoulder bone.

Sleeves: Avoid too tight or broad shoulders. They should be midway between the armpit and elbow in the middle of the biceps.

Length: Length is ideal when it ends up approx. 5cm below the lower edge of the belt, and it should end right around mid-fly.

Width: A perfect tee should not be too loose or too tight. For an ideal look, leave 2.5cm to 5cm loose material on each side of the torso.

How to style an oversized t-shirt?

There are many outfit ideas about how to wear oversized t-shirts. Following are some oversized t-shirt outfit ideas that are adaptable, comfortable, and versatile.

  • Style oversized t-shirt with long working pants for work and casual meetings
  • Wear it with shorts for casual gatherings
  • Styling oversized T-shirt with jogger pants for dates or chillax session
  • Styling oversized T-shirt with jeans for dates or chillax session
  • Layered with a checkered shirt for a casual to semi-formal look

What is a crew neck t-shirt?

A crew neck t-shirt comes with a round neck and collarless neckline. Crew necks have been there for over a century, maintaining a classic and simple style. Crew neck tees, also called round neck tees, can be worn in the spring/summer season by themselves or can be styled with a jacket, jumper, or sweater in winter.

How to cut a t-shirt into a tank top?

You can use the following way to cut a t-shirt into a tank top.

Material You Need



  • Fabric chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


To make a tank top from a t-shirt:

  1. Measure 2″ along the shoulder seam away from the armhole and mark it with chalk.
  2. Measure 2″ down underneath the armhole along the side seam and mark it.
  3. Draw the new armhole connecting both points with chalk.
  4. Pro tip: Draw a smooth curve that resembles the armhole and follows the sleeve line.
  5. Cut along the chalk line to make the new armholes.

What does “T” in t-shirt mean?

There is no full-form of “T” in the T-shirt, and it is not an initial either.

It is just a fabric shirt that looks like a “T.”

The shirt’s shape is like a “T,” the two arms at the top of the body.

How to style a white t-shirt and jeans?

From summers to winters, there is nothing better than a white t-shirt. White T-shirts and jeans can be styled in many ways.

  1. White T-shirt with Regular Jeans
  2. White T-shirt Tucked into Regular Jeans
  3. With Cropped Men’s Jeans
  4. White T-shirt & Regular Jeans with Black Denim
  5. White T-shirt & Jeans with Blazer

What is a heather t-shirt?

In apparel, Heather refers to a soft, smooth, & muted color made by blending various colored fibers into one yarn. It is interwoven yarns of mixed colors and possibly fiber, producing another color. Heather is generally used in clothing like t-shirts and sweaters.

What are the best types of t-shirts for men?   

T-shirts are one of the essential staples of any men’s wardrobe. Here is the list of simple, stylish, and iconic types of T-shirts for men.

  1. Plain Crew Neck T-Shirt: The most basic and essential T-shirt.
  2. V-Neck T-Shirt: Perfect for guys with a round face and broad shoulders, it adds elegance to your style.
  3. Henley T-Shirt: A hybrid between the crew and V-necklines, it adds a touch of class to your look.
  4. Polo Shirts: For a glimpse of formality to the look & to elevate your daily wear.
  5. Long Sleeves: A must-have pick due to its versatility.
  6. Neon Tees: Popular among youngsters, a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

How many t-shirts should I own? 

The exact number of T-shirts you own highly depends on how frequently you wear them and the frequency of laundry.

Generally, 7 to 10 tees will give you various styles, colors, and versatility options, without overcrowding your wardrobe.

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