5 Types Of T-Shirts To Wear In The Summer Season

Summer T-Shirts for Men

Has your summer wardrobe already been established, or are you still searching for the best t-shirts for summer?

We all know it will be a scorcher, which means plenty of shorts and t-shirts for men.

With summers just right around the corner, T-shirts are one fashion staple that all men should consider adding to their summer wardrobe.

In this rising heat due to global warming, investing in various summer t-shirts can help you rock style without compromising comfort.

Maybe you are wondering if the t-shirts are appropriate during the weekdays. It depends on the style, brand, and make of a t-shirt.

T-shirts are the universal garment for men during the summers. T-shirts have become versatile and can be worn on different occasions.

T-shirts are available for everyday use, as business attire and sports. This guide is to find out how to beat the heat without going out of style.

Best Men’s T-Shirts For Summer Season

T-shirts are timeless and can help you achieve multiple formal and informal looks. However, adding this versatile piece of clothing to your closet requires effort.

Let’s cover the standard approach to selecting the appropriate styles of t-shirts for summer that will make you look comfortable, elegant, and cool.

1. Round Neck T-Shirts

t-shirts for summer

Round necks are the most classic of all T-shirt styles. The collar in the Round Neck T-shirts draws the viewer’s eye out, extending the neckline and giving the appearance of square shoulders, making it excellent for men with a slim build and frame.

For guys with physical traits such as necks and narrower faces, the round-neck balances and lends proportion to their body traits. Crew neck is considered as the best summer tees for men.

2. V-Neck T-Shirts

A V-Neck T-Shirt has a less formal appearance than a round collar. However, it is in no way inferior. It adds visual appeal and elegance to a typical cotton tee.

It’s ideal for shorter men since it makes them appear less boxy and adds a touch of tallness to their height. It is also suitable for males with round or oval faces.

3. Polo T-Shirts

Got an invite to a formal dinner or a game in this scorching heat? Not in a mood to go for your formal button-downs? Polo T-shirts are your savior angels!

Polo shirts are an excellent casual apparel option. You can wear it with jeans, dress pants, or shorts, and they’d look fantastic. Polo can be worn at work, at any party, or even playing sports.

4. Neon T-Shirts

Adding Neon T-Shirts for summer to your wardrobe would be a great advantage, as you can wear them on the days you feel extra-vibrant.

This hippie-style t-shirt has various kinds of necks but particularly comes in bright colors that shine in the dimness. What would be a better way to lighten your personality than a neon tee?

5. A-Shirts/Tank Top

A-Shirts or Tank Tops are a summer wardrobe must-have, and there’s one to suit everyone’s style. Whether you’re looking for a camisole or a training tank top, plenty of alternatives will keep you cool and comfortable all summer.

Tips to Follow When Buying a T-Shirt

There are T-shirts to fit everyone’s individualistic style. A t-shirt can be worn to a formal meeting with the right accessories, such as pants, shoes, overclothes, etc.

However, the key to ensuring that the t-shirt does not make the summer worse for you by being uncomfortable. It is crucial to be mindful of the factors such as the cuts, fabric, size, fit, and weight.

Another essential thing to keep in mind is that as long as your t-shirt doesn’t have a joke, a meme, a professional wrestler, or a sports team, you could wear this t-shirt in multiple styles, from the office (casual Fridays) to dinner to corporate function.


A t-shirt should not be oversized or too small. It will drape and sag like a pillowcase and be ugly if it is too big. Check the seams, hem, and neckband. They should all lie flat and look smooth.


The mainspring to a good style is a good fit. While we usually consider dimensions in suits and formal shirts, it’s also vital to obtain a proper fit with your t-shirts. Choose a larger size for a loose, casual fit or a small size for a stylish fitted look.


Generally, t-shirts made of 100% cotton are the best option since cotton is natural, soft, and static-resistant. 100% cotton blends are good choices for this resilient wardrobe staple.


The ideal way to test the softness is by touching it. A high-quality t-shirt will never feel bulky or plasticky. If the cloth feels soft but firm simultaneously, it is likely to be of high quality.


An average t-shirt weighs between 3 and 7 ounces. Ideally, you should go for shirts that do not weigh more than 7 ounces as it can decrease the level of comfort and breathability. Thus, if comfort is your top priority, go for lightweight t-shirts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of t-shirt is best for summer?

Naming one type of summer t-shirts would amount to grave injustice to the entire community of t-shirts. T-shirts are highly versatile pieces of clothing. Essentially, it depends on a person’s individualistic style, fabric preference, occasion, and the weather. If you are invited to a gold game, wearing a V-neck would not be recommended, but you can’t wear a polo to the beach on a hot summer’s day.

Which color of T-shirt is best for summer?

Summers call for many strolling on the street under the scorching heat and chilling on the beach, which means a lot of sweating. To avoid the embarrassment of sweat and deo stains, lighter colors work best in summers. Moreover, darker colors tend to absorb heat faster, making it a not-so-cool option for summers.

Which fabric is best & coolest for summer?

Premium fabrics like cotton or other types of pure cotton are ideal for summer t-shirts. 100% cotton and its blends are the best and coolest fabric choices in summers.

What type of tees should men wear in summer?

Here are the types of summer t-shirts men should wear, which will make them look elegant, relaxed and comfortable. These are the best cooling shirts for hot weather.

  1. Round Neck T-Shirts / Crew Neck T-Shirts
  2. V-Neck T-Shirts
  3. Polo T-Shirts
  4. Neon T-Shirts
  5. A-Shirts / Tank Tops

Are neon colors in for summers?

Neon colors are ideal for summers. Nothing better than a neon t-shirt to transform into our hippie personality. Neon colors trend is everywhere this summer. Furthermore, Neon shirts usually come in lighter but brighter shades, making them a cozy option for summers.

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