Ever thought of this question before? No? Well now you have. Let’s start off with what are polo shirts? The combination of t-shirt and shirt? A t-shirt with a collar and some buttons? You could say that but it is completely different than them. 

What makes it special is that it looks formal and informal both at some perspective. Let’s talk in a bit detail.

What is the difference between polo shirts and other shirts?

Polo shirts are known to make one look smart and clean. Not many would agree with this but they sure make you look fine. 

Now, we wear shirts with long sleeves whenever we go to work with high standards. This is because we have to look formal and fixed. Now on the other hand, regular t-shirts are known to be informal in such aspects. Usually because of their style and the other written texts on it to make it look funky and stylish.

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We can say that a polo shirt is a balance of a shirt and a t-shirt. Its looks aren’t that formal neither informal, at a normal perspective. Polo shirts are worn by all kids and adults. They don’t really have a specific age to be worn. Polo shirts don’t much have images or figures on it, usually stripes, icons or badges. They also have a thick material structure of knitted cotton which makes polo more iconic.

Polo Shirts, usually, looks good with jeans or even pants. They can go with shorts and slippers too. May sound weird, but still does the trick for a good look. 

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